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Carpet Cleaning

We have a range of professional cleaning chemicals to suit all types of carpets and levels of cleaning, from natural fibre to man-made synthetics, including – Wool, Rayon, Cotton, Jute, Nylon, Acrylic, Polyester and Polypropylene.

We also use wool safe cleaning products for natural fibre carpets and offer a natural range of chemicals which perform just as well, but without harming the environment, even the containers are made from recyclable natural polyethylene and the outer cartons use recycled fibre board.

We will always use house shoes or shoe covers to avoid bringing dirt in and out of your home.

Stains & Spillages

Stains and spillages will need to be treated separately before the whole carpet is cleaned, see our 10 step cleaning process.

We don’t just clean the stain or spillage, we clean the whole carpet afterwards to avoid ending up with a visible patch where the spill or stain was that is cleaner than the rest of the carpet.


  • 2 Bed house from £115
  • 3 Bed house from £130
  • 4 Bed house from £145
  • If you don’t need all the carpets on your property cleaned, please make contact for a free quote for individual room selection.

All the above prices include a deep clean, pre-spray with conditioning, sanitising and deodorising your carpets, this is ideal for houses with children, animals and smokers etc.


Stain protector / Scotch Guard from £10 per room

Will further protect your carpet from dirt, spillages and staining.


Flea & Mite treatment from £45 for a whole house


Payment is via cash or cheque


We clean carpets for homeowners, landlords, end of tenancy and letting agents.


All prices are fully inclusive.

To book a carpet clean or to discuss your needs, call Pete on

07913 812363