Cleaning Process

Our 10 step Carpet Cleaning Process

1. Inspection

We check the carpets first to decide on the method of cleaning.

We check for:

  1. Soiling, depth of soil and signs of permanent staining
  2. Fixings, poor fixings can increase the risk of shrinkage
  3. Seams, poor joined seams could split during cleaning
  4. Backings, some backings are prone to shrinkage.

2. Dye Test

All colours must be chemically pH tested to ensure use of correct cleaning solution.

3. Fibre Test

Fibre identification helps to determine use of correct cleaning solution, and is also an indication of whether stains are removable.


4. Comb pile and power vaccuum

We comb the pile and then power vaccuum to extract the dust and grit to prevent dust turning into muddy residue.

5. Treat Stains

We do this prior to the main cleaning operation, to ensure that stains are completely removed.

6. Deep Cleaning

We first use a specially formulated cleaner to dissolve any greasy or dirt, then we clean the carpet overall using the system and method we decided upon in the first stage inspection.

7. Hand Cleaning

We clean the stairs, edges and other inaccessible areas.

10. Realign the pile

The pile must be correctly set whilst damp. Replace furniture only when necessary and place on protector pads or blocks.



All prices are fully inclusive.

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